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Zdeněk Pohlreich Format: 211x260mmPočet pages: 222Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: SevrugaRok release: 2018
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The freshness and lightness become the theme of our time clearly and times when the wheel of dead tomato along with fresh salad was the only thing on the plate, soon fall into oblivion. Being fresh is simply a new culture, it is a sure thing. We wanted this book refreshed your repertoire and give your kitchen more life and good ideas. Eat your sex appeal, oxygen, energy and diversity. It's not just a set of recipes, it is a concept that you can greatly improve your life. Behind the name is hidden ambiguity, on the one hand expresses the absolute quality of the products with which we work, but also a fresh mind, which is essential to keep the ears. Exactly where they can get fresh ideas of form and space. From the freshness we have done with this book mantra. I am convinced that when the fresh food so fresh you too.

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