What's in my new book, confectionery? Well of course there Pilsen miss my buns! Mirka van Gils Slavíková
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What you'll find in my new book, confectionery? Well of course there Pilsen miss my buns! Look forward to Makovec, sponge cake, Christmas cake, Sacher cake, Paul, carrot cake, soufflé pancakes, croissants, Prague cake, pie, walnut cookies and other treats. I can say that I am preparing a book my whole life. Recipes work everywhere, and wherever I go, constantly baking I honed to a form which can be found in the book. Over 60 recipes, divided into nine chapters with amazing photographs Barbara Lundgren, which we took in the Netherlands directly to my favorite places. Whether you are cooking for a family visit, or you want to bake something good for yourself with this book and can do everything easily conjure desserts that will directly fabulous!

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Moc povedená kniha
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