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DVD Karel Gott - Karel

Is released on June
After cinema screenings and TV screenings, the successful feature-length documentary Karel finally arrives on DVD. Audio: czech Subtitles: English, German
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A unique documentary on DVD supplemented by 46 minutes of additional shots from the privacy of our most popular singer.

After screenings in cinemas and television shows, the successful feature-length documentary Karel finally gets on DVD. The film brings a unique look into the privacy and soul of our most popular singer. The confession at the very end of Gott's life is intertwined with shots of a young artist at the start of his musical career. Renowned director Olga Malířová Špátová filmed with Karel Gott for a whole year, and thanks to his sincere openness, an unusually personal to intimate view of the life of a famous singer was created, which has not been found by the general public or his rock fans. At the same time, it does not lack Gott's insight and distinctive humor. In his memories, Karel Gott also returns through his archival records to his childhood and school years, and looks back on his rich musical career. There are footage of concerts, tours and performances as well as meetings with the beloved audience. Karel's feature-length documentary is what is called a film monument. Built with admiration, respect and love from solid, high-quality material, which perfectly demonstrates the famous era of Karel Gott in Czech history. The film is now released on DVD, an additional 46 minutes longer than the original footage. These rare shots capture the moments when Karel Gott met his friends and music colleagues, but we also look into the privacy of his family.

Subtitles: English, German

Directed by: Olga Malířová Špátová
Screenplay: Olga Malířová Špátová
Cinematography: Olga Malířová Špátová
Starring: Karel Gott, Ivana Gottová, Charlotte Ella Gottová, Nelly Sofie Gottová, Eva Pilarová, Marta Kubišová, Jiří Suchý, Ladislav Štaidl, Richard Krajčo, Karel Svoboda, Jiří Štaidl, Felix Slováček, Jitka Zelenková, Dasha

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