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The folder you can give a two -year -old child, but will also please eight -year -old Nowicki Artur
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folder you can give a two -year -old child, but will also please eight years

No, we don't overdo. Artur Nowicki, whom you can know as the author of the year on the construction site, returned to his favorite topic - cars. The flood of details will delight the smallest seekers and counts, but a non -infant artistic style will suit them even after many years.

What does it look like in the emergency medical car? What does firefighters carry with them? What can a police patrol do without? This book will answer all possible (and impossible) questions of curious heads. Nobody will be in front of their questions: from the floor to the roof, the garbage car goes through, to the last ice ax and carabiners explore the mountain service helicopter and also creeps into a cruise yacht or a television car. A total of fourteen special vehicles reveal their secrets - and hand on heart, is not curious about these things a bit of each of us?

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