Thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel is finally bestseller defective tady.Cecelia Ahernová
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thrilling, shocking and romantic sequel defective bestseller is finally here. As we all acknowledge their mistakes, we finally reach perfection ... Celestine North live in a society that demands perfection. After the "moral judgment" identified as defective, her world collapsed, and freedom is gone. Since her Crevan judge described as the greatest threat to society, dashing to the world as a ghost, along with a very attractive Carrick, the only person they can trust. But Celestine has secrets that can make all the "flawed" system to destroy. Judge Crevan has the upper hand, and time is running out for Celestine. He must make a choice: to save themselves or risk their lives to save all defective. And most important of all, may prove to be a person in itself means to be faulty.

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