nineteen Letters

Author: Jodi Perry Format: 136x209mmPočet pages: 400Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: IkarRok release: 2020
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By Jodi Perry
Format: 136x209mm
Number of pages: 400
Binding: Hard
Manufacturer: Ikar
Year: 2020

Nineteen. Fateful number, which is running through this story. It is the 19 January 1996. Braxton is seven and Jemma six years. She moved into the house next door and Braxtonův world was suddenly much more colorful. Nineteen years passed and what all those years dreamed became reality: Jemma had told her yes. It was his true love, soul mate. He was the reason why he looked forward to each new morning. It was enough, however, just nineteen days after the marriage and a tragic accident turned their world upside down. Since then, nothing was the same. When Jemma after a long coma came back to life as if nothing had existed. Memory loss Braxton took his wife and both of them their love. But he was not going to reconcile, she began writing letters, letters of better and happier times.

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