Four-leaf clover for luck

Author: Jacqueline Wilson Format: 137x207mmPočet pages: 296Vazba: PevnáVýrobce: BB / art
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Clover Moon lives in a dilapidated dirty alley Victorian London. Their house still lives with her six younger siblings, tired father and his self-righteous and bossy second wife. Intelligent and teachable Clover, who liked to draw, just brimming with ideas. He cares only about his own sister Megs, but their half-siblings - and invents fun for kids from across the street. Despite his talent is sentenced to hard and monotonous work in a factory. A chance encounter with one painter but she lets glimpse into another world, and inspires her to the idea that it might one day be able to live and she ...

We have known and popular author of books for children and youth is hereby story returns to the Victorian era, from which even a successful series of books about Hetty Featherové.

the novel is intended for girls from ten to fourteen years.

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