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Country songbook third

Part 3 classic Czech country. Known and lesser-known American folk, country and western songs to attract their melodies and texts (my dear, Haj larch, Harley, there Hop single, Oh Ruby, ...).
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It includes classic Czech country.
part of each song are the chords, lyrics and guitar brand.
And so I first again in the second flies
A propos country
3. When you hear the whistle
fourth stopper Billy
5th muddy road 6th

Bob's grave seventh leather Shoes toulavejch dogs
8. path to Hogan Gorge ninth

Paths roving 10. As we do with the sailor
beyond the 11th, on, on 12th Devítilibrové

hammer liggy 13th Diggy
14th of Cheyenne Girl
15th long black limousine
16th Tonight will be long 17th

Dear my 18th lumberjack 19th alphabet

Flaming star 20th Haj larch

21st Harley 22nd the history of this 23rd diamonds

lake Hogan 24th Girls go
Hop 25th there one 26th

Hudson Sify 27th Indian banjo
28th I used to be a good dad son
29th I'm going to live forever
30th I recently
31st needles, spikes, poles and stakes
32. Joe Bowers < br /> 33. Are my fate
34. When Klementajn

36. Bridge 37 cruiser Bi smarck
38. kvery and gin bottle 39. Baby

40. careless lazy woman
41. Lojza and Lisa
42. Does whiskey
43rd bow black as night

44. Matilda 45. I think of Colarado
46. the hope, love and faith

47. Nashville 48. Do not hit a woman on Sunday
49. Do not cry do not cry, it is futile
50. Oh Ruby nechttěj I love to take
51. Parable of bracelets
52. Let's drink'll ride
54. the last public hanging in West Virginia
55. Protáhlej dlouhej shadow
Dog's life 57. the midnight express
58. I remember
59. Ruta Šuty < br /> 60. river black river 61.

saddles creaking 62. Seven coaches 63. Rock

Statue of liberty 65. Heart in my hands < br /> Old 66. Ark 67.

Hundreds of trains 68. His banjo dropping in further
69. Light stagecoach

70. Boss 71 T as texas
72. So I say goodbye
73. there, in the distance, there in the mountains
74. Tennessee wal tz
75. It will be right to have
76. All Odnes time

77. Tupodol 78. Dying shepherd
79. I ran a hobby
80. Have you train brings
81. Vazoun Bill and bicycle
82. whaling expedition
83. you know who you may copy of your hairs mistake

84. Highlands 85. the harvest is increasingly

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