Reversible hiking and biking map 1:25 000
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Issue 1st, 2013 | Size folded maps: about 18 x 11 cm plastic packaging

Czech Lipa - Doksy - Old Splavy - Bezděz - Duba - Zákupy - Mimoň - Úštěk - Žandov - garden - the Czech Lipa vitriol - Sloup - Holany - Kravaře - Stvolínky - Sosnová

a detailed map showing basic topographic and altitudinal information eg. roads, paved and unpaved roads, railways, municipalities and their parts, including villages and hamlets, water areas and streams, other areas ( eg. forests, gardens and orchards, vineyards, hop), elevations, contours 10 m, ...
Includes belt and the local tourist signs, tourist signposts, mileage biking trails hiking trails ski trails, ski slopes, lifts (if in the displayed area), equestrian trails and, of course, shows the tourist attractions - castles, towers and sites outlook, ruins and other monuments, museums and galleries, swimming pool, a gourmet restaurant and inn ...

the map supplied in a handy plastic composite m packaging.

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