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Czech and world Christmas carols, classic compositions for festive momentsDagmar Peckova, Josef Suk, Lubomir Brabec, Eva Urbanova, Gabriela Beňačkova, Pavel Šporcl
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Czech and World Christmas Carols, Classical Compositions for Festive moments (Vivaldi, Bach, Händel, Dvořák, Michna and others)
The Christmas album of stars with a selection of songs of popular music singers has been making holiday moments more pleasant in tens of thousands of scented households. Popular songs will now be able to intersect with festive music, which inherently belongs to the color of Christmas. For years, the stars of the Czech "classic heaven" have made the most beautiful Czech and world carols and festive compositions for the most precious moments for their fans at Supraphon. We carry you a newspaper, a quiet night or a Christ's Lord, everyone can sing with them. The right Christmas atmosphere will be tuned by the winter of Vivaldi's four seasons, Halleluuah from Händel's Messiah, Bach's Ave Maria and Robert Schumann's dreaming. You can also invite the stars of classical music to the stars in the December sky and the star of Bethlehem Their music simply belongs to Christmas. Album for anyone looking for lovely and friendly music for festive moments.
The festive atmosphere of Christmas with the stars of the Czech "classic sky"

Dagmar Pecková , josef Suk , Lubomir Brabec , Eva Urbanova , gabriela beňačková , Pavel Šporcl

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