CD One dead in addition

Author: Ellis Peters Reads: Pavel SoukupPočet CD: 1 year of release: 2020Výrobce: OneHotBook
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Author: Ellis Peters
Reads Pavel Soukup
Number CD: 1
Year: 2020
Manufacturer: OneHotBook

When there of the dead were many who would have them counted ... the dispute over the succession drove England into civil war, and best year of our Lord 1138 spilled blood and the town of Shrewsbury. Stephen victorious mercenaries captured the local castle and the commander ordered all ninety-four rebels hanged, after which the local Benedictine herbalist and všudybyl Cadfael entrusted to the body to clothe last journey. But oh - why ninety-five corpses at once? And who was this apparently noble servant authorized by all secret mission that was not the executioners hanged as a political opponent, but strangled from behind like a Kman? Brother Cadfael tells his new ward? Or Hugh Beringar? While a monk obeznalým discreetly investigating, who has been responsible for a crime, we learn how people lived in medieval England, what they liked and to consider what honor - and why murdered. The second part of the cycle of historical detective Brother Cadfael, under which they were filmed four series of the British television series (1994-1998) with Derek Jacobi in the title role. recording time: 10 hours 09 minutes interpreter Pavel Soukup
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