CD Lines of the coffin on the wall

The rediscovered fairy tale of Václav Čtvrtek.
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Narrated by: Jitka Molavcová

Total time: 2 hours 49 minutes

Format: MP3

This rediscovered fairy tale by the writer Václav Čtvrtek, presented by the wonderful Jitka Molavcová, is a true gem of Czech literature and spoken word for children. The stories of the animated chalk figure from the painted Panákov region are very colorful, full of tension and all kinds of surprises. You will find out if the chalk figure can overcome the snares of the bloated Mr. Dusbaba, who aspires to become the president of his fictional country of Dusbabska, but thanks to his malicious soul, he cannot create anything better than an insidious and evil zigzag line that is destined to destroy the entire beautiful region. You will find out whether the chalk figure will free the beautiful doll from the power of evil spells and charms and win her love, or what other mischief Standa Trnko will do and if she will not improve after all.

 We wish all listeners a happy journey through the fairy-tale region of Panákovo.

Sample - How I Met Him

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