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Number of CDs: 1Date release: 2016
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The first Generation 3:01

2nd Nafrněná 3:39

3rd She 3:19

4th Krosna 3:46

5th Milo 2:55

6th 4:14 I

7th Ego 4:42

eighth Who's more 3:35

ninth Head 3:24

10th Cow 3:04

The popular actress and singer, who scored on the Internet in the Czech radio ether has a single pilot Nafrněná on his debut nameless author prepared a total of ten songs.

songs that are very personal, but they do not lack strong communication, clever insight no hint of irony, that are typical for Polakova in her work in general. The decision is issued in Barbara - as she herself admits - matured for about two years. The songs themselves, then emerged over the last four years.

Although single Nafrněná, but also "Valentine's Day" song Cow that the album also missing, capture the thinking that the whole album could carry on like a wave, it is not. For some, perhaps surprisingly, because most of the other songs bears little melancholičtějším spirit. However it is essential, therefore, musical quality and intensity of the experience, remains unchanged.

His considerable share in it except the director herself and her co-workers have headed producer of the album and Jan P. Muchow pianist David Hlaváč, who at

the recording also participated author. We can not forget but not on others, thus singer Kate Sedláková Přemek Matějovič bassist and drummer David Bartoška who together form the "integrated a game with which except Cows board was created."

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