CD 7 against Thebes (Rock Opera)

The Metal Opera Milan Steigerwald and Pavla Forest of sibling rivalry and jealousy, which turns into a big military campaign by Sophocles ancient tragedy and AischylaPočet CD: 2Datum release: 2014
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Two CDs released in 2014, containing all the music from the works 7 against Thebes MetalOpera uncompressed quality 1411 kilobytes / sec in compared with MP3 CD is thus 10 times better! CDs packaged in a luxurious digipack paper envelope type.

The characters of ancient myth come to life in your home and the sound of electric guitars with them experience the story that humanity ever observed. Only on the original carrier can all 22 tracks on two discs to enjoy in high quality audio.

Album Artist: RockOpera Prague

Music Milan Steigerwald

Lyrics: Pavla Forest

Published: 30. 4. 2014

Total length 2CD 91 minutes, 36 seconds

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