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Journalist Jack Mcevoy is used to writing about the death of others.Michael Connelly
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journalist Jack Mcevoy is used to writing about the death of others. But then his brother Sean, investigator from the Denver department of murders, dies, and the subsequent events draw Mcevoy into the action. Unlike the police, he does not believe his brother committed suicide, and begins to search for other circumstances of the case on his own. Over time, they collect data on several similar deaths that occurred in various places in the United States. Everything suggests that he has found himself on the trail of a serial killer abounding unnecessary cruelty and cunning. His victims are mostly investigators of murders whose career or psyche has marked an unresolved case. In addition to mutilated bodies, the murder sign: Quotes from Edgar Allan Poe's work. Mcevoy's brother was the last victim in a row. Or maybe not. Maybe the last poet's victim becomes himself…

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