Ariel washing gel Universal 5.6 liters - 120 doses

Universal liquid washing gel Ariel Universal ensures brilliant cleanliness of clothes. The price of the washing cycle from 3.18 CZK!
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Universal liquid laundry Ariel Universal gel ensures brilliant cleanliness of clothes.

Although Ariel gel is effective on stains, it is gentle on clothes. Pour Ariel liquid detergent directly into the filled laundry dispenser cap in the washing machine drum so that it can work directly. Removes stains, unpleasant odors such as sweat and body odor, leaving your laundry looking and smelling sparkling clean.

  • suitable for white and colored laundry
  • successfully removes stains from clothing, even without pre-soaking
  • pleasant fresh fragrance
  • advantageous 5.6 l packaging - 120 washing doses
  • The price of the washing cycle from 3.18 CZK!

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