anatomy of a murder

Free continuation of excellent historical thrilleru.Londýn 1781st
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The Royal Navy fighting at sea with the French of London streets and circulate various rumors. And while on the banks of the Thames it teeming with life, from its murky waters boatmen pulled out two dead bodies. It was an accident, settling private accounts or part of the conspiracy threatening one of the most important secrets of England?

In another part of town enjoying a privileged life full of luxuries. Few of them, however, suspects what is going on beneath the surface of carefree fun. Surely, however, there are people willing to look below the surface, no matter in how dangerous depths they can get.

Harriet Westerman, listless conventional life of a rural castle lady and concerned about the serious health condition of her husband, believes the whole heart in the power of justice.

reclusive anatomist Gabriel Crowther again fascinated by the human body. Both therefore they accept an offer to clarify the death of a man, even if it risked accusations that their interest is unnatural murder. At stake, however, it is also safe around the country. Harriet Crowther, however, do not allow what they face ...

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